Instructions on how to connect to our First Class server...

  1. Download the latest First Class client here. If you have issues downloading it here is a direct link.
    If you want my bootstrap CD image click here for .toast or here as a virtual volume best used with Basilisk / SheepShaver. These include utilities to let you bootstrap the FirstClass client with things like stuffit, mar, etc. If you want to help us out please buy the client & tools CD here...
  2. In your FirstClass client enter the server name "" and set the "network" to "*" or "FirstClass".
  3. When connecting the first time log in with the user name blank.
  4. It will ask if you want to create a account and just say "yes"...
  5. Create your account and set the password. Note it will ask for a variety of data, that is just how FirstClass is, so feel free to put whatever you like in those fields. I am curious about what country you are from though.
  6. You should be OK.
  7. If you have troubles getting the client downloaded, I have a service to send you pre-expanded versions of the client on floppy or CD-ROM. This also helps me pay for this server. Just give here a click...
  8. If you have issues please report them here.
  9. Lastly, if you enjoy our service we would appreciate a testimonial here.

My FirstClass screen

It costs me $200 a month to run this server, so if you can donate or subscribe any amount is welcomed!

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