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I'm setting up a bootstrap client for my classic Mac FirstClass server and need people to help testing it. If you go to macos.retro-os.live/index.php/marketplace/product/… and check out using the coupon code FCTEST you will only have to pay shipping.

This CD will include the FC client software plus other tools to bootstrap your classic Mac such as Stuffit, diskcopy, OTP & MacTCP too. If you need any other file let me know and I will add it and send you a replacement.

I could really use the help!

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Marisa Giancarla The price for the CD is now $3 + shipping... Spending $200 a month to keep this server up so this gives me a little donation to help out... 2 months ago
Marisa Giancarla created a new group 9 months ago

Our FirstClass Server

Group for users of our FirstClass server. If you have questions, need help, or just want to discuss it, feel free to discuss it here...

Logins now working again!

Download area is running very slowly right now. I'm looking into it but you can use the FirstClass server in the meantime

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